Thread Storage…..Just ‘Spooling’ Around

I LOVE my fabric and my patchwork. I have collected a bit of fabric as you have seen in past blogs. The thing that holds it all together is THREAD.

I have several places where my thread is stored.

One of several table top drawers

I have several of these pretty little drawer sets. I found them, unpainted, in my neighbourhood ‘self-assembly’ furniture store.

Sort by colour

I have found several shops at the annual Quilt shows who sell hand-made spool holders.

Threads within easy reach

I have also invested in a portable spool carrier that holds all my hand piecing and hand appliqué threads. I just put the current project’s colours in the carrier and I am ready to go off for a day of chatting and stitching.

Thread ready for transport

Chosen threads for my current project

Aurifil has produced these delicious boxes ready to go in several thread weight selections.

Just like candy!


These recent additions in the shop make me feel like a kid in a candy shop, but unlike candy, these morsels have no calories and you can’t have too many.

Quilting thread

The Pat Slone Collection

Have a look at the link for more yummy collections!

Please let us know if you have some different and space saving ways of storing your patchwork and quilting necessities!

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