What Do You DO With All That Fabric-Storing Projects

I am asked this question all the time by non-patchwork/quilting people; “What do you do with all that fabric”?

I usually have a project in mind when I buy a piece (or two) of fabric. I am not the only person that does this as Julie has shared her system for keeping all the fabrics together for particular projects before they ever see a template or rotary cutter. This is a great way to keep materials together for machine piecing strips and units too.

Storage ideas for borders and projects

Finished projcts and imagined projects helped by the cat, of course.

If my projects are in the ‘under construction’ phase I store them in bags, baskets, and cute boxes. I always make sure that each project has its own sewing kit including scissors, thread, pins, needles and thimble. Each project is ready to be taken to sewing groups or holidays. I almost always have a ‘car’ project for those times I find myself waiting for a family member….think trains, planes, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, sports….the list is only limited by your love of hand sewing. The  shop carries  a great selection of sturdy, colourful bags or you can pick up a pattern and make your own.

Annemarie's Carryall Pattern

Carryall for projects on the go

When the quilt tops are finished I have a special ‘over the door’ rack where I can hang them ready for quilting. .

finished quilt tops

Next week I will show you some wonderful ways to store and carry your threads…

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