Oh, Sew Pretty….. Lace Motifs

Just look at the latest addition to the shop stock!

One of the glorious hand dyed lace motifs now for sale on the website

I am always on the look out for colourful items that work with the Aurfil threads Cotton Mako’ range and I thought these hand dyed cotton lace motifs were just perfect.  The motifs are hand dyed and then the highlights are hand painted, to give each one an individual “One of a Kind” finish.  I’ve selected a range of sizes and styles, and all can be viewed on the Always Quilting online store – Lace.  

The other  item in the store that is worth a mention, is the first issue of Down Under Textiles. 

Issue No 1 of Down Under Textiles .... well worth a read

This is a new magazine, published by the same people who publish Down Under Quilts, and it has an emphasis on  textile art techniques including felting, lino cuts, using foils and making silk paper.  It  is well worth reading even if you have never been tempted to take your traditional work into a more freeform direction. We still have a few copies left for sale on the website.

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