Quilting – not storage!

My local guild has an ‘art group’ – we like to push the boundaries of quilting and stitching a little bit further and we are learning from each other as we go.   This group gives us the freedom and the confidence to move in other directions with our quilting. We have lots of fun as we go.  Sometimes we use paint on a quilt, or try out new ways of adding texture to a piece of patchwork.  I have enjoyed this different approach to textile ‘art’.  This year we are studying artists from overseas and Australia as inspiration every two months.  Our homework recently was Gustav Klimt, and I discovered a wonderful resource for my patchwork designs.  The glorious colours and shapes in his work are just amazing.

Because our ‘pieces’ are only A4 in size, it is great fun to do – and relatively fast to complete.  Next month we are researching an Australian artist – Fred Williams. I am looking forward to seeing what the others bring along as their ‘show and tell’.

I chose “The Stocklet Frieze” painted by Klimt in 1905-09,  and quilted it extensively with Aurifil Ne 28. I had fun finding suitable gold and patterned fabric as well as some sequins and beads.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Ladybirdee
    Its great to see how you have progressed in your quilting. btw blogging is addictive.

  2. This is a wonderful piece! The colours are so rich and vibrant. The fabric interpretation allowing for your intricate quilting is inspiring! Well done!

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