An Aurifil “derwent” collection anyone?

I had to laugh yesterday when Helen, from Logan’s Patchwork Fabric in Leichhardt (Sydney), told me that the ladies in her Aurifil Thread Club have nicknamed their collection “The Derwent Collection” after one member commented that it was just like having a box of Derwent coloured pencils when you were at school. They went on to discuss how envious they used to feel when someone in the class had a complete set of coloured pencils, in one of those pretty boxes, and finished up deciding that it was fun to have their own personal “derwent collection”  in thread for patchwork!

The complete Aurifil Cotton Mako Ne 40 thread club collection

Although we pack  the Aurifil Thread clubs, they are only available from participating patchwork shops.

Aurifil Cotton Mako' Ne 12, a wonderful replacement for pearl or stranded embroidery thread

If you want to own your own “derwent collection” you will be able to join in the fun at one of the shops listed below. Each shop offers their own customised version of the Aurifil Thread Club as the owners ask us to  select the colours, thread weights, and spool sizes  to suit their fabric ranges and patchwork style.  Most shops have more than one club type running so be sure to get all the details when you contact them.

One version of the Aurifil Cotton Mako' Ne 50 club

Magic Patch Quilting, Tyabb, Victoria
03 5977 3332
Cotton Mako’  Ne 40, Ne 50 & a mixed embroidery collection

Patchwork on Stonleigh, Wodonga, Victoria
02 6056 2030
Cotton Mako’ Ne 50

Logan’s Patchwork Fabrics, Leichhardt, NSW
02 9550 9119 
Cotton Mako’ Ne 50  

Patchwork Paradise, Rockhampton, Qld  
07 4927 6628
Cotton Mako Ne 40 variegated collection in 1000 metre spools

and in New Zealand
The Country Yard, Whangarei
09 4346748
Cotton Mako’ Ne 12 for stitchery work

ps: They may not know what you are talking about if you ask for an Aurifil “derwent collection” as,  up until now we have been a little boring and have simply called them “thread club”

An example of the thread club that has a mixture of Cotton Mako' Ne 50, Ne 28 & Ne 12 threads for embroidery

If you would like your local patchwork shop to particpate in the Aurifil Thread club, tell them about the club and suggest that they contact Always Quilting to find out how to join.

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