Getting Organized with Super Storage Ideas

It is that time of year again. As the end of summer approaches I get the urge to sort my fabric AGAIN, organize my projects AGAIN, and generally make more of my sewing space AGAIN.

I have new scraps from a year of WIPS (works in progress) worked on and new projects begun. The fabric heaps can take over in no time. Finding the table top again can become a chore in itself let alone the cutting mat and the rotary cutter.

I was discussing the frustration of dealing with my scrap with Julie, a wonderfully creative customer that comes into the shop. Julie has some great ideas about scrap storage.

An ‘over the door’ shoe organizer, containing see-through pockets, is home to a rainbow of scraps. Each pocket contains a different colour of the rainbow including a pocket for black and gray.

Julie's great scrap storage

After speaking with Julie, I had a look at my scrap bucket.

Scrap heap

I decided to sort my fabrics into colour families and place each family into a seperate container.

Sorted scraps into colour families

I can grab the tub I need when working on a particular block and sew on the go!

Portable scraps for 'take along' projects

On to my fat quarters….

One Response

  1. Thanks Judy. Sorting fabric into tubs by colour is a great idea.

    When I was collecting a colour palette for a confetti patchwork design I used the plastic takeway containers from asian restaurants to sort very small pieces. Well washed of course!

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