I am giving up housework and sticking to quilting in future!

At work a couple of days ago, I commented that the computer needed a service and a clean so I would have to schedule a time slot to send it off to the technician for a service.

Judy responded by saying that she cleaned the keyboard on her computer at home by covering it with cheesecloth and using the vacuum cleaner.

Well, today after I had just finished vacuuming the floor, I decided I would try Judy’s hint about vacuuming the computer.  I didn’t have any cheesecloth so I thought holding a stocking sockette over the nozzle would work just as well.

This became a hilariously scary exercise as one of the key covers came zooming off the keyboard.

For a short time I thought that we might be selling “otton” from now on as, when I looked at the keyboard,  it was the “C” key cover that was missing.

I was sure that the covers just clipped back on but, I couldn’t figure out how so I had to ask my husband to help. He just used brute force to clip it back into place.

It was a great relief to have the letter "C" clipped back on to the keyboard. I didn't want to have to type "otton" everyday!

I now have an extra hint to add to Judy’s hint about covering the keyboard with cheesecloth …… Turn the vacuum cleaner suction power DOWN!

Also in my shock at seeing the keycover disappear, I nearly let the sockette go and it would have gone straight up the nozzle, taking the key cover with it, so another hint …. attach the stocking to the nozzle, don’t try to hold it in place.

This is obviously one of those stories that carries a “Kids, don’t try this at home” warning messages.

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