Someone has to work

While Judy was having  a great time travelling around South Australia, visiting the shops that stock Aurifil threads, I was back home working … well I guess someone has to stay home and man the shop.

However I was also having fun as  I was busy unpacking our latest shipment of thread. This was certainly an effective way to work off any festive excesses!

Unpacking a mountain of boxes of Cotton Mako' Ne 40 and organising them into numerical order

The new Cotton Mako’ colours are glorious and are now available in both the Ne 40, 1000 metre spools and the Ne 50, 200 metre spools,  but the treasures in this shipment were the KitArt Designer collections.

These pretty boxes are packed with threads especially selected by patchwork designers such as Pat Sloane, Mark Lipinski, Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts, and Marianne Byrne from Cinnamon Patches.

Aurifil KitArt collections, gift boxed threads selected by patchwork designers

Visit the website to read more about the KitArt collections and to see the beautiful new Cotton Mako’ colours that are now starting to appear in the retail stores around Australia:  More

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  1. OMG I have gone into raptures!

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