Australian Quilt Market

Grape Appliqué

I was so pleased to finish my grape quilt in time for it to be used as the feature quilt on the Aurifil stand at the Australian Wholesale Quilt Market last month.

Always Quilting Stand at AQM

I had started the design earlier this year at the New Zealand Symposium in Wellington. One of the classes I signed up for was with Mary Transom. She designs beautiful appliqué patterns and I was lucky enough to get a spot in one of her classes.
Mary encouraged us to piece the background with a selection of greens before coming to class but I had received a printed panel from a friend and I felt this background was perfect.

Mary Transom's Class Sample

Mary helped me alter it to add more interest and I decided to use ‘grape vine’ fabric in brown and grey hues.

Grey fabrics replace the greens

The grape bunches were built up as separate units on an appliqué mat. A thin piece of wadding was placed under each bunch when ironed onto the background.
After the vine, leaves and grapes were adhered to the background the top was layered and my favourite part could begin.
Using my 40wt Aurifil thread in the bobbin and as my top thread, I stitched all the vines and leaves in place which quilts the piece at the same time. The thread colour was chosen to blend with these pieces as closely as possible.

Grapes in Progress

The grapes were quilted with the new Brillo metallic thread in a beautiful purple. I wanted to create a glistening look to the grapes as if they had a bit of dew on them.
I also used a golden coloured Brillo to add the same effect to the bottle of white wine at the center bottom of the piece.

Brillo adds BLING!

I used a 40wt in the bobbin, matching the backing fabric, which worked wonderfully with the well behaved Brillo. I usually struggle to use metallic thread in my machine because it separates and breaks. This new metallic from Aurifil was so smooth and didn’t break once!

The Grapes are Finished

The free-motion quilting, learned in a class with Kim Bradley, finished off the piece. Again I used 40 wt in the top and the bobbin.
A finished project…..aaahhh!!

Kim Bradley taught me to quilt with my domestic machine

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  1. Looks truly gorgeous Judy

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