Screaming and kicking!!

Greetings! Kia ora! (for those in New Zealand).  I have been dragged screaming and kicking into the world of blogging by Jenny (and Judy).  It is hard to write words that will be kept forever – and be read by millions!! (well, I’m being optimistic here thinking that our new blog will be read by many thread lovers).

In our lovely new shop (where one needs roller blades/skates to get from one end of it to the other) I am lucky enough to organise the Thread Clubs each month.

Jenny started Thread Club some years back, and it’s like Block of the Month, except at the end of 12 months you have a colour selection of the most wonderful threads – 72 in all (that is 6 sent out each month) to put in a special container. 

The complete Aurifil Cotton Mako Ne 40 thread club collection

The complete Aurifil Cotton Mako Ne 40 thread club collection

I get to send out the gorgeous threads.  Some clubs have a mixture of the different ‘weights’ like Ne 50 (the finest) throught ot Ne 28 or Ne 12.  Other clubs choose to have a range of Ne 40 (some call this the ‘universal’ thread) for example.  If you are interested in finding out details on how Thread Club works (and they are arranged through selected Quilt Shops) please contact our shop.

Well, back to some quilting.  I did a fabulous quilting workshop with Kim Bradley ( a week ago, and she has given me the confidence to start doing more machine quilting – without using patterns drawn on the quilt first.  Kim said the secret to good quilting is practice, and to do some quilting each day.  Of course I used Aurifil thread for the workshop, and it worked beautifully, smooth as silk through the machine, and Kim said she likes working with Aurifil too.

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